Is anyone up for a xbox live mutiplayer all nighter?



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I would, but I have a pretty busy weekend.  Barely been able to even play my 360 lately.

I tried to that once, staring at the tv screen for so long makes my eyes hurt after a very long time.

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if i remember well , this weekend is  double XP on RDR MP.

Nice one, think I will be playing plenty of RDR MP.

Thanks for letting me know

DAM!!!! I haven played RDR in awhile..... hhmmmm..... ill c if i can get some friends together and ill send you an invite.

Looks like I'm playing RDR this weekend.

That's a no go, working tonight, boycotting myself from all video games and these forums tomorrow for my birthday, and I need to new Red Dead disc.

To tired used to do this allot not worth it in my opinion looking back lol but enjoy :).