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Of course, this would be for BF3 not BC2


This is pretty much war from COD, but I've always wondered why battlefield never has it, because it seems perfectly suited to the game. Please, when you picture this, picture a map like Atacama Desert from BC2. 

>There are five flags on the map, as well as each teams bases.

>Flags are placed in a rough line following the map layout.

>Each team starts with no flags, and can only capture the next flag from their base, then the next flag after that (etc A, Then B then C or, if it was the other team E then D then C)

>A team wins by capturing all the flags on the map, then capturing the enemy base, cue final cut scene. (of course the enemy would have a safe spawn area behind their base)

The fastest way to win would be to destroy the enemy base, but of course, the game could go on forever, so....

> The team with most flags slowly drains the enemy teams health, faster with more flags of course, and depleting the enemy teams health would be a win. Team health would have nothing to do with spawning, or the game would dissolve into a very long game of TDM.

>Additional momentum could be given to the team with the highest kills per minuet (separately as momentum from capturing flags) I'm not sure about this idea though.

I hope i was concise enough, and that doesn't sound overcomplicated, i tried to make it a simple as possible. Basically i think this mode would be perfectly suited to consoles (with less players) especially, as it would force both teams to meet in battle head on, and there would be a lot of action. What do you think?


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That's a lot like how  Frontlines played and made for some really awesome and fun gameplay. Too bad Homefront wasn't like that.

sounds pretty conquest like..

the problem with that is, that the enemy is ALWAYS attacking form one side.. they cant corner you, or flank you. and that is just the thing i like in Battlefield games.

allone, and withing a sec enemies everywhere...

I would say it is like Onslaught only adjusted for multiplayer. Saying "COD" is kind of taboo around these parts.

Otherwise, yeah. War on COD3 was the most fun I have ever had on a COD game. Awesome game mode.

@ Dusty Arne That was the idea i was going for. You have to face the other team head on. Anyway i think its more rush like than conquest like. You could still do plenty of flanking as long as the maps are open enough though.

@AssyrianWarfare Agreed, war on COD WAW was actually pretty good. However much we hate it, COD has had a handful of really good ideas. I'm just really surprised DICE never put war in other BF game, it just seems so perfect......