GameStop Midnight Release>>!!

I just had to come on here and say,What a Amazing Fanbase this game has.I been to alot of Midnight Release games,and i couldnt get over all the People there when i pulled up at 11:30.I been to all COD and never ever seen this many fans waiting for a game.I felt like i was at a Concert.Pretty cool.But my Local Gamestop pulled it off pretty good.Everything went in order,In and Out.12 came around and i was back to work by 12:15 wishing i took a Vaction Day :) I cant wait till 5am so i can get home and tear this game up.Man it looks awsome....Well to everyone that went tonite to get your copy,i say Have fun Slaying Dragons............ 


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umm i been to MW 3 and Skyrim and Skyrim's was short... got out in 5-10 mins.... MW 3 i was there till like 12:45 and went into a Street

Ugh I remember MW2's was waiting for like 3 hours in line thats kind of why I haven't gone to any midnight releases. I usually just get amazon shipment mostly for the 10 dollar credit. However I wish I had skyrim now :( it's killing me!

there was like 70 people at our gamestop tonight. I was surprised to see that half of them were females. Good to see more people getting into gaming.

At bestbuy where I live I went with a friend to mwf3 there was about 80 people at batman only 30 bf3 only about 40 and skyrim only like 12 people I was disappointed there wasn't more people. this game is amazing.....

I think I saw what looked to be about 250 or so people at Skyrim's midnight launch at a Gamestop here in San Diego. I also went to the Modern Warfare 3 midnight launch and that was close to 500 or so people! People in San Diego love games I guess, myself included.

I didn't get to go to the midnight release at Gamestop but when i went to pick up my collector's edition today at lunchtime it was kind of funny.

Me: I am here to pick up Skyrim CE.

Dave: Ok, Phone number?

Me: #########

Dave: Thank you let me go get it for you.

Dave: Alex, Were are the Skyrim collectors edition ?!

Alex: Dude it's right in front of you.

Dave: Were?

Alex: Right there.

Dave: This Huge box? I thought i had to open it.

Alex:  LOL No,that is the Collectors Edition.

Me: They should have you guys load it in customer's cars lol.

Dave: Seriously lol.

The box isn't heavy just bulky. I thought it was funny and worth sharing.  =)

There were about 300+ people at my Game Stop at midnight, I was surprised. My Game Stop generally isn't that big for midnight release, I rarely stand in any type of real line at midnight, it's just in and out. Now, I should qualify that by saying I don't play Modern Warfare, so I wasn't there to see how big that line was. The guy working at the Game Stop said this release was as big for them as MW3 which I thought was pretty cool. RPG's don't normally seem to cause the frenzy that FPS games cause, so seeing such a demand for Skyrim was pretty cool.

I'll give credit to Game Stop, that line went very fast. I was there at 11:45, out by 12:20. When I was leaving, people were still getting in line so I have to imagine they did very well. Maybe this will inspire more developers to start putting as much time and effort into RPG's as Bethesda does.

Did the midnight release and the mgr at the store said the line for Skyrim was longer than the MW3 (which I din't get and don't want).  But I can confirm that the line for Skyrim was shorter than the one for Oblivion.  Perhaps its the current world economy maybe?  The line where I was extended the length of the stripmall and a bit into the parking lot at the end.  For Oblivion, it was out there, through the lot and to the edge of the nearby Burger King, easily another 100 people.

I am guessing about 200 or so for Skyrim last night but the GS I go to is very effecient and once the rope drops, its a constant flow in and out.

I was home in 10 minutes and was unboxing it and was taking pictures of the dragon by 12:28am

Was there at 10:30 and there were maybe 15 people. Left and came back at 12 and the store/parking lot was PACKed. I think there were more people for this than black ops. seriously