Gamestop is offering $20 off EA games for value card members

I got an email saying early access for their power up membership. So maybe it will go to everyone in a couple days. But off the top of my head save $20 for these EA games ($39.99 - 59.99) I just picked up Portal 2 for $31.



Portal 2

TW Master

Dead Space 2

Dragon Age 2

Crysis 2

NFS Shift 2


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I think I might have got the e - mail too, but I think it went to my spam folder. Too bad I did my mega trade - in of the year last week (Reach, Dragon Age 2, Bulletstorm for RE 5 and Brink). And I don't want to get Crysis 2 until I try it out, so i'll wait for Gamefly to send me it instead of going to the other games.

That sucks! I got lucky and actually got a pretty decent deal. I traded Call of Juarez: BIB (Pay $5 for it,) Midnight Club LA, Mafia 2 and Alan Wake. Got $40 for 4 games I paid a total of like $60 months ago! So I got Portal 2 for free and had a little extra. And what little I played of Crysis 2, it's a fun game. But I don't know if it would be worth paying more then $25 or so for.

Wait... so we can buy the games for $20 less or we get an extra $20 when we trade those EA games in?

I got some good poweruprewards deals too.

[quote user="Chris PharmD"]

Wait... so we can buy the games for $20 less or we get an extra $20 when we trade those EA games in?



You save $20 when you buy them.. I am kinda confused if it's on new or used copies. The email I got said " $20 off select new EA games" But when I actually got to Gamestop they gave me a used copy. Which still works the same. Just not nearly as good of a deal for games with online passes.


Eh... it's not really worth it to me.  The only game I'd want is DA2 and I think I'll just wait until all the DLC is on one disk.   Besides, I haven't beaten DAO yet and it'll be a long while before I do.

if you love dao don't get the sequel.

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if you love dao don't get the sequel.



I may that prematurely, like as soon as it came out. It didn't really feel the same as Origins, and I couldn't change Hawke's voice.

I wish this applied to Fifa 11. I've been considering getting that.

I got this e-mail as well. Not even bothering. With price drops these days + my backlog, I can wait.