Gamestop HDMI cables and the dreaded black screen help

I've been using netflix on my 360 for the past year and a half using standard definition cables on my HDTV. I recently purchased HDMI cables from LameStop...And the screen goes from the netflix title screen, to a pitch black screen. Is there something in my xbox settings I need to change...Or do I need to bite the bullet and get a better set of cables?


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It's been known that the Gamestop's storebrand cables have been somewhat faulty especially when handling 1080 resolution. 
You can either try to change the visual settings down to 720p and hope that it'll work or buy a new cable.

If you're worried about pricing you can find a pretty good deal on HDMi cables on Amazon.
I got a 6 ft cable for 5 bucks

HDMI cables are sending a digital signal, either it works or it doesn't.  You can use a $3 set of ebay cables (I do) or you can use a $100 set of Monsters, there won't be a difference as long as the cable works.  The xbox should detect the best connection you can have and set itself to that, you can force switch it in the settings if you want.  The only question I would have is the age of the tv and the type of hdmi cable.  If it's an older tv and newer cables there may be a compatibility issue depending of the version of the HDMI cable.  Do a bit of research on HDMI and in no time you'll know all you need to about the tech.  :)