gamestop giving away free stuff @ midnight release?

Talked to a friend at gamestop and he said they had some free stuff to give away at the midnight release. Any info. on this? I didn't want to pry, and was in a hurry.

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I hope so... I plan to go and was thinking about it.

Normaly on Midnight realeas they give out Posters and Mcdonalds.Well at least at my Gamestop.Or if they have alot of extra stuff left over from other Older PreOrder  games they have laying around the back......My GameStop is pretty cool when it comes to stuff like this.So iam gonna say it depends on your Local Gamestop.Cause i realy havent herd anything.....

Mine services a large section of the city, and has tons of stuff around it, so I can see it doing something special.

do all gamestops do this or no??

and how often if they do

You will have to phone and check up with them, this thread it nearly 3 weeks old lol