Games you would like to see for the Xbox360?

So I was browsing online for some games and I found some games that looked pretty fun, but they weren't for 360. The games I would like for 360 is maybe some of the Bleach games. Xbox has Naruto games, so why not Bleach games? So I was wondering what games other people would like to see for Xbox360. Maybe we could get a good list going.


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Anime games rarely transfer over well. Either they try to fit 20 hours worth of story in to 90 minutes worth of cutscenes, or they just make it a fighting game. And seeing Ichigo be defeated by Keigo would be pretty ridiculous

Heavy Rain


Shadow of the Colossus.


That's all that comes to mind now.  Exclusives kinda suck.  Unless you have more than one branded console, you can miss out on some truly wonderful games.

At this moment: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The Uncharted series, InFamous series, The Old Republic(I know its an mmo and probably wouldn't work, but I loved Kotor 1 and 2), and the Nintendo games like Zelda and Mario.  

Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD

I'm gonna list something thats insane... over-the-top-crazy..... A new IP that isn't Kinect and is an xbox exclusive.    BAM!  Crazy talk, I know.

Great call, Eggnogga!


Crouton, I'm with you as well - I loved XBLA Prince of Persia: Classic.  It is completely gorgeous, feels up to date, but also maintains its historic gameplay.  What did you think of it?


There are still a few classics I would love to see hit XBLA:


- San Francisco Rush: 2049

- Ghouls n Ghosts, Strider, various other classic Sega and Capcom hits

- RE 1-3

- Xbox Ninja Gaiden 1 rerelease, HD with separate original and Black modes

- Sequels to Shadow Complex and Castle Crashers


Also, forget Mario, Zelda, Drake, etc... If I could have any franchise from Sony or N make the move over to Xbox, I'd go with the Wipeout racing series...

Damn good games listened from all of you. I gotta say that my favorite was Metal Gear Solid 4.

Road Rash, and a Waterworld-like sandbox game.

If we can pick any games I'd say the Mario Series.

One that's not totally out there however would be the next Tales game.  Apparently it's going to be a PS3 exclusive.

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