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I have a few games going but I have some that are over a week old where my opponents have made no moves no activity.  is there a cut off period where it automatically cuts off if they dont play?  these hanging games are limiting the number of games I can play and it sucks.




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This is really great to know, thank you. As a student, using a limited data plan on my phone unless I'm where I can access WiFi, I have maybe 15 games going right now and it's really not all that hard to pop in and take my turn at least once a day, if not more.

I'd have less games going if they were more active. As it is, I'm getting ready to add another 10 in the hopes of having a turn to play when I pop in to check (Toast notifications don't work for me. They stopped working in another game too, so I don't know if it's both, my settings, or I turned them off in the other game because I'd forget to 0 volume and be woken by a game notification).

I even tried inviting players off the various ranking boards assuming they'd be a bit more active. I guess I'll just wait and see... would be a shame to have to be grateful for that option instead of following through to the end of the game.

You can force the game to end- giving you a walkover win- if they haven't played in over 7 days.

Open App, Select My Games, Pivot to their turns. Select the game. You should receive a pop-up forcing the game over, and giving you a walkover win.