Games with multiple disks.

Hi I can't find it with search so, hope it hasen't been asked.

I know when you install the disks and play the game your promted to change the disk, and I can see some sense in it cuz then like L.A. Noris you could be 3 players installe the game alle 3 places and then play it all.

But if I have a suggestion to microsoft what do I do?

It could be as easy to put in, if installed cd 1 needed. And the other werent needed.


Anyone know how to make that as a requiest?


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It has happened before, like in Forza 3. Once disc 2 is installed, only disc 1 is used.

It's up to the developers to decide how they want gamers to install their games.

It's a bit different in Forza.

But Microsoft could just make the change, it is not that hard.

So thats why I say it, if you google it other peeps have done it on cracked xboxes, but I dont want that.

I want a official one. I am playing Mass Effect 2 Right now and its not a big deal there but I see only bigger and bigger games witch is good. I would just like to help make a better experince on the Xbox.

Been suggesting this for months now and what's amusing is people disagreeing with it. Their only excuse seems to be "You can install it, give it to your friend, let them install it and both can play at the same time". Hence why you would make it only launch from the first disk. a

Multiple disc installs has been common for PC gamers for years and they also had a 'play' disc, the only one that could be used to authorise the game to play.


Sonic does spark a good point though. Rather than having the game spread across two or three discs, why not make use of the DLC system? Have it so the content on disc 2 is required but it is treated as 'extra' content by the console.


That way you could install the content from disc 2 to your hard drive so it wasn't needed, so no disc swapping, and you'd still require disc 1 in order to play.

I wish they would have just gave us an HD format to begin with. I get so pissed every time I play FF13 because it lacks the beauty of the bluray version. The game is on three discs and is still not real HD

Stand up, walk 5 ft and change disk. Once you are done with Disc 1, uninstall it if you need space.. Problem solved!

Sounds like you want to play LA Noire on 3 machines with a single copy, this wont happen for piracy reasons.

Forza is a bit different but you can only play with that one disc, same thing happened for ODST multiplayer I believe.

I think they should make "disc 1" the default play disc so that you don't have to keep switching discs

[quote user="DarkStar33Cdn"]

Sounds like you want to play LA Noire on 3 machines with a single copy, this wont happen for piracy reasons.

[/quote]How is it a piracy issue? If the person has a modded console, then they'll be playing with copied discs and not genuine ones anyway.

I'f I remember correctly back in the days of PS1, games like FF7 went like this - after each completed disc you'd swap out for the next one and so on because of the different content on each disc makes it unique like chapters & you wouldn't find for example chapter 9 on disc 1. You have to play the game discs in the proper order as it was intended.


So I would either install them all or just two until you reach disc 2 and erase disc 1 to make room (if necessary) for disc 3. Or if you don't fear spoilers check online to see when it prompts you swap discs :/