Games That Took You Ages To Get Into?

Just, after 4 and a half years after trying over and over again to get into Fallout 3 I have finally got into it, I have owned the game three times, and after my, what must be my 5th proper attempt I have got into it!




What are the game[s] that took you ages to get into?


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Gears of War took me months to get into after buying it. I still need to get into Skyrim way more too as I haven't played it as much as I'd liked since its release.


I couldn't get into ME1 either, but for some reason ME3 appealed to me and I loved it so I'm going to buy ME1 and ME2.


It took me quite some time to get into Skyrim, not massively, but It took me to about level 15 to filly embrase what the game actually is, with it being the same core gameplay as Fallout I was sceptical about buying it, but I loved it, and thats what triggerd my 4th and 5th atempt over nearly 5 years to finally get into Fallout 3

I will say only the genre RPG took me a long time to get used to. I used to play games like super mario brothers and sonic. Just adventure/platform finishing the levels and beating the game. RPG there is so much information that you have to remember if you want to get through the game. In the past we didn't have really internet, but guides from the shop. Asking around to my friends etc etc.

None. I usually know if I'll ever enjoy a game or not within the first hour of playing it.

[quote user="BlackSilverAce"]

I still have yet to beat Infamous (I got it last year!)- got waylayed in the second area looking for blast shards and eventually my interest level died off...

[/quote] same thing happened to me. I restarted it and now I'm at the same spot I was before. I really love the game, but those blast shards...

Fallout 3 was hard to get into. I played all of the PC versions but when I got to this the FPS change was different. I finally gave it another chance and I have played it all through. New Vegas and all the DLCs.

I have to admit when I first got my Fallout 3 lunchbox all excited,  I thought I would instantly get into the game like Oblivion. But it took me a few months but glad I kept trying it because one of the best games I ever played now.

King of Fighters XIII. Honestly I didnt really see the appeal in any 2D fighting games. Screens full of plasma beams or energy blasts just aren't my thing but looking at the over the top character design and watching my boyfriend and his friends use those crazy moves day in and day out really motivated me to take one seriously. It also made the appeal of both Mortal Kombat and Blazblue skyrocket. I wouldn't have played either of those without KOFXIII's help.

fallout 3 has been in my machine at least 5 times,i still hate it.

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