Games that are available in xbox 360 pal format only i.e pdc tour darts

I have been an xbox owner for quite a few years. I love the gameplay and the growth of the system over the years and i look forward to all the new changes and advances for years to come. One issue that i am confused with is some of the games that are available only in the pal format. Now i could be wrong and i apologize if i am, but i am a big dart fan. Have been playing the sport for almost 20 years, love watching it on tv not only for the darts but also the atmosphere that comes along with it. I always wondered why xbox didn't jump on this bandwagon and get involved in one of the most popular sports in the world. I understand moreso in the U.K. and other european countries but we can't forget that darts is on a big rise here in north america. More and more tournaments are popping up and the top players in the world come over quite often to particpate. I noticed last year that xbox had put out a pdc game, not realizing that it was in pal format i was excited as can be to finally play a dart game on my favorite console. When i didn't see it released i checked into it and found that it was only in pal format.  I am hoping that this is something that can be changed. Not sure why it wasn't released in north america if it was feared it wouldn't be received well and not do well in sales but i really want to reiterate that there is alot of young dart enthusiasts that would love to have a dart game to play on the 360. I myself belong to dart leagues and often travel to play in tournaments and i strongly feel that this is a game that will be well received right here in north america for years to come. Again i hope the developers and xbox take a look at the market and decide to release it, i am a big supporter for darts and i hope xbox will receive this with great sincerity


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