Games on Demand?

Does anyone have any knowledge or info regarding Dead Space 2 ever coming to GOD?

Would love to have it on my xbox.


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Would probably be cheaper if you bought the disc, Microsoft loves their inflated prices.

I was waiting got that to but their taking way to long to get it on there plus most games on GOD are overpriced or bad games no one ever plays.

I'm dying to get this on demand as well.  There aren't any EB Games or Gamestops near me, and walmart still sells it for 50 bucks.  Arkham City is on there--why not DS 2?  Get it together microsoft!

the pc version is wonder what the hold up is. sucks as i would buy it on demand even if little more expensive than a used disk.

Not really if you wait for a sale they are pretty cheap, i got bioshock  and 2 for  bucks each

I'd have to agree. Bought it at Best Buy for 20 bucks. My god, this game is an aboslute gem. I can't believe I passed this game up when it came out. What a game! It's got everything you can think of in it and what really surprised me...the graphics...I expected the sound would be superb, but I didn't have high expectations for the graphics and I'm absolutely blown away by this DS2 package. I feel like I've robbed Visceral. If you guys/ladies are reading this from Visceral I'm buying all the games in this series. Thank you for a great experience! WOW!

I bought the first game from GonD for $14.99.  I would like to purchase the 2nd game from 15-20 bucks, and am hoping it comes..but.. if it isn't on there by now, I doubt it'll ever be.  Amazon has it for $18 new, so I guess I'll just go that route.

I'll be one form GOND. no way i'm gonna a disk - i'll lose it or break it pretty soon anyway