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is this game on games on demand yet. iv looked but cant find it.........


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It is not. Only available via a retail disc.

When is it expected to be on GoD?

I would also like to have that game via on demand platform. Anyone knows if it is expected to hit LIVE soon?

i WISH it would come out on demand....but don't hold your breath. not gonna happen anytime soon

Since this is the only Halo that supports multiple languages I still wait for the god version. Odst is available on god without multiplayer. I think that the mp is only playable with reach is the reason why it is not available yet.

Highly doubting that this will ever release on GoD due to the Reach Multiplayer portion of the game.

Can remain hopeful though.

It should come out on Games with Gold!

I need a GoD version because my DVD drive died! I just sold my retail disc (that I could no longer use to play the game) thinking I'd just download the game.  Oh dear. Looks like I'm out of luck : (

I just can't see paying $100 to fix my DVD drive, or buying a new 360, plus another copy of the retail game. I love the Anniversary Edition... but not that much!