Games like Champions of Norrath

Very simple question: do we have any games like the two Champions games mentioned above on the 360?


I'd be very interested to hear suggestions, but don't let those suggestions include Dungeon Siege III. That game is beyond hopeless.


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Sacred 2: 2 player couch coop, 4 player online. Vast, open world with lots of locations to explore, pretty forgettable story, 6 character classes, 2 campaigns (good and evil), spells, armor sets, mounts. Big bosses for loot, several difficulty levels.


Diablo 3: Comes out this month, while I don't recommend the game at full price, it is still good enough for one playthrough. It has 5 classes, 4 player coop, spells, armor sets, no mounts. Split into 4 acts with several main and secondary quests in them. 4 difficulty levels but a very short campaign easily completable in 1 day.


Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom: 4 player coop, lots of items to upgrade, 6 characters to play with different weapon types and spells. Bosses, several difficulty levels and around 6 or 7 chapters each with a number of small levels in them.


Thats all I can suggest, of all 3, I would pick Sacred 2.

You wont find Sacred2 -its out of print. This game will be a collectors item and quite valuable in 10 years if you hang on to it.

Really? I still own my copy, Im sure you can still find it online or something.


Yep, just checked Amazon, still available but in short supplies at around $30.

Only thing I hated about Sacred 2 on console was that support for it didnt last very long and the expansion never came out for it

Yeah-it didnt sell well at the beginning and Ascaron went under.Thankfully the Sacred franchise was picked up by Deep Silver and Sacred 3 is due by the end of the year.Deep Silver is becoming one of my favorite publishers.

Yeah Luckily I have both the 360 version and steam version of Sacred 2 so I can play the xpac and stuff if I wanted to try it out (new class would have been neat to see on console)

D&D Daggerdale, less customization, but that top-down feel.

Torchlight- similar to Daggerdale, less customization & top-down.

Diablo 3- in September would be the closest of the one's I'll mention I'll snag that one sometime in the future.

I thought I had another one, but I can't remember it. ah well.



I'll look into a few of these games, I absolutely loved the Champions games and would be interested in these. Sacred 2 actually does look like a good choice, I'll look out for that one.