Games Freeze on ranked Matches when I win, but not when losing

In ranked matches when I win during the victory pose, my game will magically freeze and I have to quit the game to even get killer instinct to work again, but it lets me lose like a charm, so my wins doesn't count but my loses rack up...why is this...any one else having this problem? It has probably happened like 10 times today.

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It's a conspiracy against you I would say!!! Ok, stupid joke but seriously I haven't had this happen. Have you checked your connection? I know it's weird since it's been happening when you win and not when you lose but it could still be the issue. Also, maybe the opponents are turning their Xbox's off so they can't take the L. So while doing that it throws the net code off? I'm really not sure just spitballing ideas. Hope it gets better for you tho, happy holidays.

Rage quitters during poses DOES freeze the match and prevents the win result from syncing to profile (even though the quitter still gets a loss). Where as since you don't rage quit, you take the loss. on your profile.