games are easier today

Just hit 10,000 kills on BF4 in a little over 280 hours. BFBC1 had a cheevo for 10,002 kills, which seemed to take forever, (almost a year). so just noting that games today are easier to die/kill in than games of 5 years ago.


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Or maybe you are getting better?  

Or maybe the players you are facing are of lower skill level?

Or maybe games are getting easier?

Or maybe there's 3x as many players in a server?

Or maybe your internet connection is better so no lag?

24 person servers, like 5 years ago, internet is moot. The TTK is much lower now than it used to be. They took the 'skill' out of games to appeal to the ADHD crowd. 10 rounds to kill a guy? Ain't no one got time for dat!

Personally, I think this game in multi-player is a joke...I mean who came up with the hit and damage counters. I've seen people hit in the head not even react except to turn and kill their attacker, I've seen tiny structures blown up from the inside with enemy players inside that were untouched, I've seen grenades hit 3 or 4 feet next to someone with rock and concrete flying all around yet the player was untouched. If I see a bullet from a sniper pass through your chest and exit your back how is it that you can still return fire to the attacker. Forget about any kind of team coordination, it's everyman for themselves in this "team" game. This game is so unrealistic in this regard that it isn't even enjoyable to play online, which I don't. Graw 2 , as old as it is, is the only game that comes close to combat teamwork and realism 

Come play some Graw 2 Zombie, we would be happy to knock that cockiness out of you. If it's skill your looking for then look no further :)

^ Play hardcore - aside from the poor engine build, it'll make the game  much more realistic.  Disagree, I liked GRAW, but it was as fake as the next FPS.  IMHO Operation Flashpoint is the only console game to come close to realism.

FLASHPOINT WAS TOO REALISTIC TO BE FUN, oops. GRAW was meh from the start, and how is pointing out low TTK in today's FPS being cocky? HC has an even lower TTK,  which following the formula I presented makes it easier. If HC started with 100 health instead of 60, it would be alot more fun.