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 i have been going through the playdates and games for some time and was wondering why there isnt playdates for games like FFXlll or dragon age games or even peggle or  stuff like that all ive seen so far is for games like halo and first person shooters and family games... i wanted for some time to do some of the event things but its hard cause there was never anything up my ally lol .

Thanks sweetliltease.


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Games like Halo: Reach, Call of Duty, etc. can have a lot of people in a game at one time so it's possible for a lot of people to participate. Peggle only have four player multiplayer games so not many people can play with those who are hosting the playdate.

what do you mean by a playdate? ppl gettting together to play a game? games like shooters can large no. of people as said above, peggle there probably is some but it will be community run so you'll have to find a community with players. FF13 i think youre goingto struggle just because it's a SP game and the majority of ppl who would have played it that may sit in a party and chat with you whilst playing will probably have long completed this game so wont fancy it