Gamertag Copy's who else has had this happen ? and how do we stop it ?

Your Gamertag is supposed to be unique to you its who u are online

when i make a gamertag i try to make sure their is know one with a similar name i want to be the one and only

why dont other people feel the same way ive had my gametag copied on so many occassions

i think their should be some system in place where people cant make any varition of a name unless given some sort of approval

dont you think

ill give you some examples

My Gamertag - NeonJellyShark (i was the first)

examples of real copys


their are other small variations but these 3 really *** me off

what do you guys think about copied gamertags that are obviously copies (not like battlewolf69 or KillerWolf72) because are just descriptive words before wolf

im interested to hear thoughts is it just me


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Why does it matter? The odds of you running into these copycats are slim to none. And perhaps they liked your GT so much, they wanted that name to.... it was something they never considered.


But restricting people GT's for approval because someone has a similar GT already, would be asinine in reality. And would require a LOT of forced GT name changes, then you  have to go throgh a 24-48 wait just to change that screen name. (that is IF you would be approved of that new GT name on the first try.)

[quote user="NeonJellyShark"]My Gamertag - NeonJellyShark (i was the first)[/quote]

How do you know you were first?

its because ive  run into them all thats what pisses me off

and as for the approval thing that was more of an example im not actually suggesting that that would be impossible to monitor and we would definatley run out of names pretty quickly

i mean come on two of those gamertags are only different by 1 letter

i checked what the game they hadn't played the longest was and all of them were more recent than me and one guys was modding and it said he hadn't played a game since 1753

I think this is remarkably petty. You *assume* you were the first to have been using that name to identify yourself and you're offended for some minor reason, because someone else has --likely randomly-- been using a similar name.


I can't say much other than to tell you to get over it... it's beyond your control, not a cause worth fighting for and hardly a problem in the first place.

you all dont understand because you havent had it done to u except Bluntman he has

also im not losing sleep over this its just a little thing that gets on my nerves i got a friend invite off someone two days ago and it turns out that he didnt want me he wanted NeonJellySharkk thats a little messed up right seriously nobody agrees its a little annoying people copy names

From what i can see one of those gamertags were being used in 2008,the earliest i can find on yours is 2009.


And just for your information your account states achievements from 1753 on one particular website,does this mean you were modding too?

Who gives the hell. If that the caes. Then our name should be change if there othere with that name. But you can do that. It will cost the country alot of money. You think you the only one that have the right in the username. You are indane to think to tell poeple how to named themself online.  If you do not like it. go and leaved and go some where eles.

Well, guys, if you see anyone around with the gt HaNnAaAa or HaNnAaAaA.. let me know...



[quote user="HaNnAaA"]Well, guys, if you see anyone around with the gt HaNnAaAa or HaNnAaAaA.. let me know...[/quote]

both of them are free.

you could create a couple of silver accounts just to stop someone "stealing" your tag.

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