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I Just wanted to change my gamertag X's are fine i think there cool honestly. I wanted something to do with mountain dew but thats pretty difficult so if you have any other ideas please give it a shot i'd like to see what you guys think.


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xX mounting jew Xx

Hello! Here are a few suggestions: ISpyPens, JadedPinto, StaunchWatercress, Eeyore'sPin, MeadSteed, Handel'sHandle, MirePyreChoir, FenFurnisher.



[quote user="A DRUNK J3DI"]

X's are fine i think there cool honestly.


If you're a child maybe.




theres alot of these threads why cant people come up with your own gamer tag, its not like its nuclear physics.

I Did Change my GT as you all can see. but honestly most of you are rude... Thank you to the people who honestly gave me some idea's

Welcome to the forums. It's nice to see you are the first person to send a PM (whinge) to me regarding a reply to a post, honestly dude, calm down.