Gamertag Above Players Color Question

So you know how you go and play multiplayer on BO2 and if you aim your gun at any player, it would show his/her name abover them. Mine is green/red but on YouTube, I have been seeing alot of people who has blue/orange and so I am wondering how to get this?


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color blind asst in the options(settings) menu

Also the last patch made team mates more identifiable with purple triangles when using colour blind assist

OmG,I must  still have it on from when i tried it out

I havent heard about the "purple" triangles thingy.

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

I havent heard about the "purple" triangles thingy.

[/quote] that was in the last patch 

apparently you tubers were running with parties with colour blind assist on and claiming to be playing solo

^^You mean those YTers arent totally awesome legit?