Gamerscore tournament with prizes (U.S. Gamers only)

Think YOU are
the best gamer in the U.S.? PROVE IT!

Announcing the first annual U.S.
Gamerscore Open 2k12 (USGO)

Gamers in their respective state will compete
with each other in an elimination style tournament where ultimately the winner
from each state will compete against other state winners and become the best in
the U.S.

Here's how it will work:

CHALLENGE*** (You have been warned)

First, gamers will compete at the
state level, where every gamer in the competition from within a single state
will compete for 30 days. After that 30 days, the top 50% will proceed to the
next round. The bottom 50% will be eliminated. This will continue until a winner
from that state is crowned.

For example. Let's say my state of Georgia
has 30 gamers in it. The first 30 days EVERYONE competes. The top 15 gamers will
move on to the next round. The bottom 15 are eliminated. In the next round,
those 15 gamers will compete and the top 8 will move on, then the top 4, top 2.
Each round is *30* days.

Once a state winner is crowned from all
participating states, all state winners will go to the national level using the
same elimination method as mentioned above until a winner is crowned.

winner will get a retail game of their choice ($59.99 value) and of course
bragging rights for being the best gamer in the country...

In addition,
*IF*, *IF*, *IF*, (did I say IF) there are 30 gamers in a single state
competing, the winner of that state will get a 1600 MS POINT card.

will be a random drawing from ALL participants for one 1600 MS POINT

There may or may not be additional prizes announced at a later

All prizes are being provided by yours truly at my personal

I would LOVE to have EVERY state in the Union represented. Even
if you decide not to participate, PLEASE help me spread the word for this


This is open to gamers who live in the U.S.
only. Nothing personal. This is just how the idea came to me. I may do something
similar for you other guys at a later date and do a World Gamerscore tournament
with the winner of this tournament later.

You MUST be a member of 360
voice (your blog will be used to collect your scores).

There MUST be at
least *2* gamers from a state in order for that state to be represented in the

Your starting gamerscore MUST be at/over 40k by December
30th. You can sign up now if you're under 40k, but if you're not at 40k by
midnight December 30th, you will be disqualified.

First day of tournament
is January 1st, 2012.

You MUST score you're points ONLINE. None of this
playing offline and at the last minute, jump online to post your points. ANYONE
caught doing this will automatically be disqualified and I will send Dog of
Thunder to your house to hump your leg. Having 1 or 2 achievements showing no
date stamp due to your internet connection dropping for a short period of time
is acceptable, but I would HIGHLY recommend you notify me of this once you come
back online. I know there are many ISP's out there where their service isn't the

ANY game that has achievements IS allowed. You can play on ANY
region Xbox 360 Console, Windows 7 Phone, and Games For Windows LIVE.

Any revisions to the rules will be posted here prior to January 1st. Rules are
etched in stone once the tournament starts.


Go here to sign up!


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