Gamers asking to be reported?

I've been playing COD Black Ops and in a 30 minute time span I got 3 voice messages from different gamers asking me to report their gamertags.  Anyone know why they are doing this?


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Trying to get a free gamertag change but just report them for text/voice messages and they will get a suspension instead of a free gamertag change.

These people aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. They mistakenly believe that if someone reports their gamertag as offensive, they will get a free gamertag change, instead of having to pay 800 microsoft points. What they fail to comprehend is, an actual person looks in to these reports. It's not some automated machine that hands out free tag changes. So if your tag is CuddlyBunny. The person who investigates the claim won't find that offensive, and will likely just be annoyed at the waste of their time.

They are under the misconception that if they get enough people to file a complaint on their gamertag, the automated system will force them to change it due to the shear number of complaints.  Giving them a free name change.


The problem with this is, the system is NOT automated.  There is a real life, breathing, talking, thinking human being processing those complaints not a computer.  If their gamertag is not violating the Terms of Use (which I assume they are not), all of those complaints, no matter how many there are, will be ignored.  


1 valid complaint will lead to a forced name change.  1,000,000 false complaint will lead to a complete waste of time.

thank you guys

Wouldnt expect anything less from the type of insects that roam these type of games.Diaperstains all of them.