Gamers 25 and older that enjoy playing recreational as well as competitive

I come from a Clan already that is mainly based on CoD Games.

But I'm burned out on the Series and would like to gather some guys that would like to join me in some BFBC2. 

So if you fit  the criteria below, you are the qualified...

25 or older.

Have good communication skills.

Work well with others as a Team.

But could also care less if we win or lose. After all it is just a Game.

Have a good sense of humor.


If you look at my Profile. It says it all about the type of Player I am.

Which says.... Its not about Player Stats or Rank, its enjoying the Game with the ones you play with.  

So send me a Friend request, and lets get our game on.  And be sure to have some sort of message in regards to this Post.

I'll be on Live shortly after this Post.


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Sure thing. It'd be nice to have someone else to squad up with soon. Can't at the moment but feel free to add me.

I sent you a FR.......later

Yes am a 39 year old kid..........hehehehehehe



I'll send you a FR, but I do have to let you know my mic broke and I will not use my Kinect mic because I have two kids and don't want to annoy people...I will listen in so if you want me to jump in a chopper with you or hold down a certain flag, etc.


No offense, but that sort of defeats the whole purpose of this Thread. So until you do get a Mic. Then I'll take the F/R. Nothing personal... I just would rather play with someone I can have communication with. And as for your Kids... Join the Club... They're are lots of us with em. So its understandable if we hear them from time to time. So don't sweat it....  

I got two teenagers...they don't like BC2, if they do play its only core rush or core SDM...they detest HC and Conquest ....but mostly they friggin love COD...go figure huh?....teenyboppers