Gamergirl ( Xbox 360 ) is looking for gamergirls ( RPG, FPS, action, adventure )

Hello my name is Liss, I'm 25 years old, live in the Netherlands Europe and looking for girls who would like to talk and play together on Xbox 360.
I play everyday and looking for a girl who speaks English to share my biggest hobby with.
A girl who has a lot of games and is not focused on just a couple of them.
I like to play, talk and get achievements together.
I'm looking for friends NOT a relationship.

My favourite game genre is RPG but I also like action, adventure and FPS.
I have a Xbox gold account and I buy new games every month.

If you are interested please add me on Xbox live: Lissard88

The games I have that are online multiplayer/co-op:

- Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale,
- Condemned 2: Bloodshot,
- PayDay 2,
- LOTR: Conquest,
- LOTR: War in the North,
- Sacred 2 Fallen Angel,
- Dungeon Siege III,
- The First Templar,
- Hunted Demon's Forge,
- Legendary,
- Conflict Denied Ops,
- Crackdown 1,
- Crackdown 2,
- Iron Brigade,
- Gears of War,
- Gears of War 3,
- Army of Two (EU),
- Army of Two the 40th Day,
- Army of Two the Devil's Cartel,
- Kingdom under Fire: Circle of Doom,
- Fable 2,
- Fable 3,
- Two Worlds I,
- Two Worlds II,
- Left 4 Dead 1,
- Left 4 Dead 2,
- Red Dead Redemption,
- Borderlands 1,
- South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play,
- Fire Pro Wrestling,
- DMMM: Elements,
- Assasins Creed III,
- Brutal Legend,
- Eragon,
- A World of Keflings,
- TC's RainbowSix Vegas,
- Resident Evil 5,
- Resident Evil 6,
- Magic 2013,
- Mass Effect 3,
- WSOP: Full House Pro,
- Halo 3,
- Halo 4,
- Rage,
- Too Human,
- Call of Duty Black Ops I,
- Call of Duty Black Ops II,
- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3,
- Brink,
- Clash of Heroes,
- Dead Rising 2,
- Bulletstorm,
- Dead Island,

I can always buy more games if you are interested in playing a different game.


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hello quite some list there i have a few of those as do others i know off - i'd be happy to help as im sure my friends would too :)

Not a girl here but JRPG lover since Legend of Dragoon ^^

Hey ladies,  Add me --    Quiet xo Sniper    Always looking for  mature people to play with.

Feel free to add me ... Always looking for cool and mature friends .....

You can add me, I have some of the games on your list.

Its okay to use the L word on these forums but you might do better on a dating site.

[quote user="LOWxONxHealth"]Its okay to use the L word on these forums but you might do better on a dating site.[/quote]


Obviously LOWxONxHealth did not read your entire post when he entered this thread. You can go ahead and send me a friend request; we both share the same favorite game genre. The only RPGs I have are Bethesda games (Fallout, TES), but I play Call of Duty and Halo.