Gamer Spotlight Ratio is Sexist

Okay, so every four or five games of multiplayer online, only one girl do I encounter in the lobby. Here on the forums.--Only one or two woman regulars. In real life... out of all my friends and family that play video games, only my gf and my best friend's girl play at all. As a man, I don't declare us men "own" the video game scene, I actually encourage woman to not typecast themselves as prissy housewalkers that hiss at technology. But nonetheless... women are in the minority of gamers. And woman gamers are largely casual at that. Nothing I can do about it. So why cast every other Gamer Spotlight a female gamer?? Is that some form of encouragement or applaud? I say if they were a bigger part of the populous, then it'd be appropriate. So what's the deal with that? Anyone know? Any opinions?


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[quote user="DeBLAIN 02"]

Isnt it just a case of most female gamers not using a mic? of the few Ive spoken to they say once there identified as female at some point during the session they will come in for some form of abuse so they only talk to friends.

[/quote]Not so much, no. Unless it is a coincidence that all females gamers with mics have overly feminine gamertags.

What I want to know is who felt the need to dig up this old and random thread of mine, lol?

I didn't even know that people cared about the Gamer Spotlight anymore. I actually didn't even know they still did that thing. I thought they stopped when Trixie left. The last one I read was ChickinonaChain's.

That was three years ago.  

who cares

I have seen plenty of men and women in the spotlight. A discussion like this is pointless as it is not an issue at all.

The reason there are more females in the gamer spotlight is because the program is run by a female.  



[quote user="Lawzku"]

Are you serious, tht blows cuz i see alot of them and they have butt gamerscores, and barely have any games even near complete.


A high gamerscore is not a prerequisite for the gamer spotlight, chief. And yes, that is serious. 

You wouldn't like the attention crazy? I find that very hard to believe.


... -_-

So are we all gonna nominate crazy? If this system is so pathetic and broken let's abuse it for lulz.

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