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We are a new clan to the xbox 360. Currently we are recruiting members for Battlefield 3. The primary goal of our clan is to play, have fun and be able to use tactics and communication in game is definitely necessary. Our clan supports divisions for (Infantry, Armored & Airborne) We are trying to organize our clan in such a way that each game we participate in will be in our favor due to our ability to assign our members to certain task. This is were tactics will come into play. Please read below for the rest of our requirements; we would like to state that we will not accept members under the age of 18 due to the mature rating.


• Must be 18+ 
• Must have an working microphone. 
• Communication in game is required. 
• Must be an active forum member. 
• Must signup on the Gamer Network site @

With 3 division and up to 11 squads; you can pick your placement in armor, infantry or airborne squads whatever suits your style of play. This clan will only be as good as those that join so if you think you have what it takes to be a good team member, recruiter and friend then apply to join today. 

Clan Leader 


Battlefield 3 Division Leader

• GNx JidyFly 

To view the rest of the members that are in the clan and to learn more about Gamer Network and other potential games you may join us on then please visit the site. 

NOTE: This is a new clan so, if you decide to join feel free to tell your friends. 


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It's one thing to not read the sticky...twice. It's another to spam a terrible clan ad.

Howdy. There's a nice pinned thread at the top of this forum that I made awhile ago. It contains all the info you need to know about clan recruitment. Thanks!