gameplay:which game has exceeded this gen's expectations

there have been few games in my opinion that have exceeded a consoles expectancy.for example there was metal gear solid for the ps1.the enemy AI weas spot on and the way the game could/had to be played was amazing.I thought that it totally surpassed any game of that generation.then there was legend of zelda:ocarina of time.this game blew me away with how much there was to do.OK there was little enemy AI but the variety in the gameplay (exploration,different boss battles etc) made this game in my opinion again surpass any game of that generation. now this generation,to me it has been elder scrolls oblivion. it is more than just a regular FPS.theres a massive wide open area to discover, massive amounts of levelling upetc. also the game 'makes' you want to play more.are there any games that you think this about?and i dont mean modern warfare because those basic FPS games have been going for years and have offered nothing new.


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Crackdown 1 really sticks out in my mind of a game that was true innovation for this generation and for the sandbox genre.   You could climb every single building in the game which added a lot of vertical gameplay, go anywhere you want in 3 cities,  gain superpowers, drive every vehicle, and the ENTIRE game was a co-op campaign.    The demo for that game blew me away and I had well over 24 hours just into the demo.   Then I fell in love with the full game and played for several years.  Just loved that game so much.    



Saints Row 2  Another sandbox game that just went all out with a full drop in drop out co-op campaign.   I am a huge GTA fan and own all the games but Saints Row 2 is easily the best of the sandbox series.  Saints Row 2 is full drop in drop out co-op campaign with everything that was missing from the GTA4 campaign. You can see your co-op partners character, buy clothes, jewelry, completely customize your character top to bottom including walk and personality, buy cars from car dealerships, buy bikes from bike dealerships, buy houses just like in Vice City and San Andreas then make money off of them, buy every single store you see in the game, buy boats and boat docks, customize your house, parachute from anywhere in the game, fly planes, join fight clubs, drive monster trucks, quads, dirt bikes, car surf, fly a helicopter, customize your homies and the way their cars look, customize EVERY vehicle in the game (if you can drive it you can customize it), and much much more all with a co-op partner. Every mission every level everything is all co-op. You can hold people as human shields just like in GOW2. Pick up any object in the game and throw it or use it as a weapon.


There are hundreds of great games out there but these 2 truly amazed me and have been a major influence on sandbox games.   They focused on what matters the!

Exceeded this gen? Hmm... Here are a few (multiple platforms)

Red Dead Redemption

Portal 2

Uncharted 2


Call of Duty 4 (revolutionizing multiplayer)

Mass Effect 2

Assassin's Creed 2



[quote user="Deadly Cyclone"]

Call of Duty 4 (revolutionizing multiplayer)



I'm not saying you're wrong, but I wish it hadn't. Now every game want's to play like Call of Duty. I hate it when a new shooter comes into the market, I get it expecting a somewhat refreshing experience, only to realize that every single thing is an exact copy. I'm okay with games in the FPS genre to be alike, but not identical to all of the others.

Call of Duty 4

Can I put down Demon's Souls for unrealistic difficulty? D:

Portal 2 by far. Brilliant game, with a brilliant ending.

Left 4 Dead as I started playing this on Mr. HayleeLOL's xbox not expecting much, but it ended up blowing me away.

Assassin's Creed II

BioShock (I had high expectations of this and it surpassed even them)

Fallout 3

Dragon Age: Origins

Red Dead Redemption

For me it would be Fallout 3 and Borderlands.

Gears of war 1

Call of duty 4

Fallout 3 to me was just another RPG, a good one at that, but I don't really think it exceed expectations of this era.

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