gameplay on the big map at comic con?

has anyone found any videos at all of the new map or the newest released map at comic con? it was supposed to be a BTB kinda map with vehicles and everything, or at least thats what I think I read a while back ago on waypoint 
cant remember the name but it was a map with lots of ice and cold weather  


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Are you talking about Longbow? Here's a video of 3 games played on Longbow during RTX last week:



love how the sniper looks :D

and yes noble thats the map I was talking about, didnt knew they had it playable on RTX thought they would show it at SDCC

The more they release gameplay the more excited I get for Halo 4.  It was nice to finally see some action with the vehicles on the bigger map.  

They only had one map to play on when I went to comic con. I do have to say that the game is amazing and fun. I waited in 2hr lines twice just to play it. For 15 minutes or until someone got the most kills. Also did it for the free Halo 4 codes they gave away when you played.

Woah, that sniper looks like a damn tank! I want to use that! 0_0