Gameplay Featuring Nemesis & His Mini Gun

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Can't watch it myself at the moment as I'm at work.

Really hope Resi 6 isn't like this looks clunky as hell, really love the Resi series but 100% for me there killing the title with every new game they've made from 4 upwards. IMO  i think the new zombie survial horror champion has got to be DEAD ISLAND.

I think if it wasn't for the name the games wouldn't sell as well as they do :(

Im so split in to two minds to get it or not :- \

^^ I'm with you, each gameplay released is turning me off. I'm trying to look for good but it's hard lol. And I'm also with ya on Dead Island :) but Dead Space 2 is my favorite survival/horror game, just has no zombies but something worse, NECRO'S! And that's @Akradon for the lazy link, sometimes my phones does it and sometimes it doesn't.

think il after grab DS2 tomorrow give it a test run :P cheers Cruz for the heads up.

You'll love it! You need any help with it just let me know.

Cheer's Cruz will do m8 ;)

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