Gamemode: Grind.

If you go on a custom game and pick a gamemode, there's a gamemode called "Grind." I played it with a bot squad and it was quite fun. How come this isn't in the game?


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  What's the objective of it?

It's Kill Confirmed with bases. I just played it and it was meh. I'd play it maybe every now and then. You get a kill they drop a tag you pick it up and your tag counter goes up by one, it can go as high as you want it to. You then must go to one of the 2 bases (I only played on War Hawk so there may be more bases in larger maps) which is basically a blitz portal and you can deposit 1 tag per second to your team's score. If you have say 3 tags and die before you put them in your team's bank, then you respawn with 1 less tag, so 2. Score limit is 75 I think.

It sounds like a Kill Confirmed and CTF mix, instead of "bases", LOL. Capture the Tag.

Its nothing too special but its also not boring. I might actually play this once every while. COD never had this type of gamemode and I think it'll be unique to those who never played this gamemode variant.

i still want Hardpoint though.