Gamebattles BTB Ladder

Everyone please go to Me and Costa are talking about a BTB tournament and all questions involved from the Administration. Everyone please contribute some thoughts and knowledge of the BTB community, ladders, the HC tournament, and settings involved.

This is the prime opportunity to have a gamebattles BTB ladder, with the HC tournament.

Everyone needs to take advantage and petition the hell out of this. Go go go!!!!


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You're not going to find many people interested in MLG here, man.

Besides, from what I've seen, Costa is the stereotypical douche bag MLG player who takes waaaaaay too much pride in his skill at a video game. I don't think many people are going to willingly sacrifice their possibility of having fun to play a game with a guy like Costa.

OMFG Costa?

Must form a team... NOW D:

Also, noble, Don't hate because of He's 1,000 win streak.

(I probably won't enter, but really, I wish I was as good as Costa)

Wish I wasn't in my iPod...

Don't hate because of HIS 1,000 win streak.

Sorry, just had to correct that...

[quote user="SpeedyBlueDude"]

Wish I wasn't in my iPod...

Don't hate because of HIS 1,000 win streak.

Sorry, just had to correct that...



How did you get IN your iPod?


Anyway, I'm not hating him for being good, I'm hating him for being a douche lol hence why I said he acts like the stereotypical douche.


And I don't have any personal experience or reference to see how good he actually is. Looking at his stats, he looks like he's pretty good, but not the god some people talk about him like. I mean he hasn't finished the campaign solo, he's a General Gr. 4, 1.88 K/D, 184 dailies, 7 weeklies, 23% commendation completion?


I mean yeah, he probably plays good when he has 4-8 people of the same or higher skill with him so that they dominate all the teams of randoms. But then again, who wouldn't? He rolls with a lot of the same people in Arena, in full parties. There aren't many times where a team of all randoms can beat the coordination and teamwork of a party, especially a party where everyone knows what they're doing. The only thing I see in his stats that are truly impressive and unique is his amount of wins.

Damn it! Why do do I keep making errors? Lol

Costa has beaten full teams of 8 many times... You know. IMO, he's good. I never played him, but I have played a few other well known players, and they're are all as good as people make them out to be.

I would like to see some of these BTB teams really play skillfully and competitively... So far I haven't seen any games posted for us to watch though. I've asked the guys from the "best" teams (For the life of me, can't remember the name of them) to post the videos and all they did was try to insult me and say that I suck on

I won't be able to play, but definitely get us some videos! Would love to see some high level play in BTB or Invasion instead of the usual 4v4 gameplay the series is known for.

Yep, no proof. it didn't happen.