Game worth buying again?

I'm getting tired of COD(seems to be a popular thing now) and want to get into BF3 when it's out. I've played this game and the first bad company and enjoyed then for awhile. 


Would it be worth it to get the game again for $35? Also, should I get the game new for a little more so I get the VIP stuff?


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I'd recommend buying it new. If you don't have the VIP stuff, you'll be stuck with a handful of maps and the servers will slot you in with other people without the VIP maps. Also, the code costs $10 if you decide to buy it off of Xbox Live.

I bought it again just two weeks after I threw my original one in the trash, it wont be getting old or underplayed for some time to come at least 2 years. Just look at BF1 lots of people still play that an that game sucks!

Oh an I kind of like it better on HD, makes it easier an quicker to get into a game, I dont have to change any disks..

Hey was just wondering if the downloaded version is the same as the disk you get at the store and is it worth buying.

EA is having a sale through Tuesday.

BFBC2 Ultimate Edition is only 24 bucks.


But the servers SUCK!

I've had one server problem last moth. No, seriously.