Game will not open in Windows 8.1

Love Taptiles, however, ever since I did the Windows 8.1 update, the game will not open. When you double-click the tile, it goes to the intro screen (Logo centered in a green screen), and after ten seconds defaults back to the desktop. Several other apps behave in the same manner with the 8.1 preview. Can this be remedied before the final 8.1 release? My computer is an HP Pavilion p6210f with an Athlon II 620 Quad-core processor. It ran GREAT with Windows 8.

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Sorry if the game is not working with the preview version of Windows 8.1. By the time the 8.1 update is officially launched later this summer, we plan on making sure our game is fully compatible. Sorry if you have trouble with it in the meantime, but keep an eye out for an update soon!

Well it is October 23 and the games still do not load. Same issue. Double-click the tile, it goes to the intro screen and after a couple seconds defaults back to the desktop. Simply cannot do anything to overcome this issue. Only seems to happen for the app games - other apps seem to be OK

Same procedure on my Laptop after installing Win 8.1.

Much more Apps don't work anymore with Win 8.1 (i.e. Mahjong, Minesweeper, solitaire collection a.s.o.)


Just upgraded to 8.1 and now all my games are unavailable to me. I keep a failed sign in then re routed to then MS keeps asking me to set up account which I already have. It accepts my login details then goes into "switch to a MS account on this PC" and when I try to I get fobbed off with "an account using this MS account already exists" - I KNOW IT DOES but I cannot access it.

Somebody somewhere help me!!!!!

Having the same problems on my lappy. Got rid of 8.1 on my desktop and a lot of problems went away. Classic example of more is less. Microsoft & Co.need to get their act together.

I have never been able to open games I have downloaded from the game app. I have always had Windows 8.  No games even show up in my games list. It looks like it starts to load the game and then it just goes to the intro screen.  Really frustrating me.