Game update Unable to Update? Well here is some info why..

Battlefield 4 game update.

Update patch is released per batch, if your console is connected to the internet and is ready for the game update, it will do it automatically, we're getting cases where gamers are getting game update info in game however update is not yet ready, we just have to wait within 24-48 hours.

Hope this helps anyone that may not be able to do the update at the moment like my self. I obtained this info from a support request I put in.

Patch notes of the update can be found HERE.

Best of luck to every one and happy gaming!


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I've never seen any update, but everything is definitely working much better for me.  Didn't crash once on a 5 hour session, the sound takes a few seconds to start but thereafter works perfectly.

Yea there was a update but I guess they are installed by them self so you may have not even noticed it. Like I didn't get no update and I am waiting upon mine. I still have to go check and see if my game has it now as I was unable to play the game earlier in the day.

How the hell do you know if you got the update??? This new drive towards automation on x1 is beyond annoying. Automatic saves, automatic system updates, automatic game updates. The only problem is NONE of it works, and if it did you would have no way of knowing. Battlefield 4 could be good, but the game is in shambles. Single player saves WILL be lost.  I mean, c'mon! At least get that working while the disaster of multiplayer gets worked over. And for the love of God, how come I can hurdle 6 ft walls in the game but yet get hung up on a street curb!!!!!!

You'll get a notification in the top left corner telling you the game is update!

My game updated the day the patch came out. I started the game, it said an update was available and I downloaded it, same way it used to do on 360. Doesn't look like anything got fixed though, still buggy as hell.

Is there something special I need to do to get mine to update? I have seen no notification or notice that an update is available.