I just went on game and pre-ordered Rage, Batman Arkham City and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. Not thinking about the release dates, now on my comfermation email it says november-11 on all of them, is this a problem or will they still ship at correct times. thanks in advance.


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I hate there new site, When they sent me the comfermation email saying gears 3 was being processed click track order and all it says now is either shipped or unshipped. The funny one is my new xbox which i got from game last august still says un shipped

I think I just found a glitch in the system. Uh oh, that shouldn't have happened.

It's just due to the recent site renovation. Don't worry, they'll turn up at the correct times.

What do you mean by place holder dates the only one there without a solid date is halo combat evolved aniniverary

They are just place holder dates. You will get the games for the release dates, dont worry.

Please can soemone help as if it's going to interfer with my other orders i need to cancle and re order indvidualy