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I thought we all could use this thread to see if anyone is going to be playing. So to start this off I am looking for one good player to join my team for this evening March 29th. Our playtime is at 1am eastern time zone. It would technically be Saturday morning March 30th at 1am eastern time. This will last until anywhere from 4am to 6am stay as long as you can. We will be playing Platinum. By joining you WILL walk away with at least 500,000 credits if not more, we are shooting for 1,000,000 but we have yet to reach this mark in one evening. You can also meet some cool people. INEXPERIENCED PLATINUM PLAYERS NEED NOT APPLY. Just put your name down in this thread say who's room you are interested in (This is in hopes that other people will use this board) and if we have several people interested we will check all players manifest and choose one. One of my dudes Bad Medicine will respond saying that this play date is now closed once we have chosen. Dont be afraid, come play with some good players.


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I know that what I'm about to say may sound dumb / stupid, but I really feel horrible if i'm the reason that my team failed an objective / extraction.  I know that failures are part of life (because we learn from them and move on), perhaps some day I will be ready for Platinum...  Also, if you're by yourself and you fail, you can't blame anyone but yourself...

Hello "BAD 2020"  :)  The Gold difficulty setting is the ultimate test of my abilities as far as I'm concerned.  You, Deaths Head 200, Davidw7310, and everyone else who plays on Platinum have so much respect from me; you guys & gals are so awesome!  :)  In the Halo games, the only difficulty setting that I play is Herioc, Legendary is the equivalent of Platinum and Heroic is where I draw the line.  Since I play for fun, insanely difficult settings like Legendary / Platinum takes all of the fun out of playing and replaces it with aggrevation; while Heroic / Silver solo-runs has the perfect balance of being fun without being unfair.  As I have said before, I don't care about my gamerscore / Mass Effect 3 challenges either.  My philisophy is simple, if I just so happend to get an acheivement / complete a Mass Effect 3 challenge when playing, that is cool man!  :)  But, if I have to go out of my way in order to get an acheivement / complete a Mass Effect 3 challenge; then I simply say forget about it.  As a matter of fact, the reason that my N7 Rank is only 240 (yes, I have been playing Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer ever since it came out last year in March 2012 and it has the only game that I've been playing because none of the games in 2012 really caught my interest.  Furthermore, the only new games that I've purchased after Mass Effect 3 were Halo 4 and Aliens Colonial Marines.  Currently, I've played more than 800 hours of Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer) is because I find the "Promotion System" incredibly annoying.  I mean, after doing it for a while (until I hit 240 anyways), the concept of me loosing my level 20 characters in exchange for additional War Assets in the single player and 10 N7 Rank Points wasn't worth the monotonous repitition.  If you look at my Manifest, you will see that if the N7 Weekend Challenge required me to promote my characters, I simply didn't do it.  Please understand that If you enjoy loosing your level 20 character and promote them for a higher N7 Rank / more War Assets, then have fun guys & gals!  :)  Where is all of this going you ask?  Well, the point that I was trying to make was that there is a challenge where you need to promote your characters like 60 times or something like that.  This is exactly what I am talking about when I am saying "But, if I have to go out of my way in order to get an acheivement / complete a Mass Effect 3 challenge; then I simply say forget about it."


Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone!  :)  

Tournaments aren't really my thing, hence I won't be participating in them.  However, I do wish you the best of luck in finding a team so that you can sign-up for tournament before it gets cancled (due to the lack of interest in it).  Have a nice day or afternoon or night "Jokul81"  :)

@Burst Axe : You can't when you host... but you can if you do a Quick Search for a match/lobby.

Ok I would quite like to join a squad. I've not many Gold extractions as yet only about 10, I've been mainly playing Silver and am very compentent at it, getting an average of between 50,000 and 70,000 points. Whenever I go on Gold I can't seem to find a good team.

I've been promoting my characters recently so I'm in the process of getting them all back up to level 20 but I have some already at level 15-17 already to go.

I live in the UK so I am GMT time zone.

If anyone would like to help me form up a squad for Bad 2020's challenge please send me a FR and a PM or xbox live message.

The fact that you don't do unknown enemy/unknown location on Platinum is the reason I don't bother playing with y'all.

I hope that you enjoy your "Gethzilla" once you unlock it :)

That your not a noob. Or someone that my team will have to carry. It will show us quite a bit. We can look up bronze, silver, gold, and platinum extractions from the manifest through challenges and how many total hours played.

I should be on today at some point.

I can play up to Gold although I've not played much Gold since FBWGG got nerfed.  I get frustrated with the poor strategies randoms have.  Struggling to break Wave 7 because they're all camped in the open or taking the pizza through the enemy spawn instead of round the safe route.  I'm not a dominant player, I can't carry teams worth a crap.  I'm a support guy so I got where they are even if I know the location is crap.

I actually got hate mail from a guy after a fail on FB London Gold Cerberus once.  I joined on Wave 4.  Wave 6 was pizza delivery and instead of taking it up the ramp and going over the top, they took it through the Mako parking lot with Phantom's all over the place and the Cerberus spawn all aroud them.  I had like 11,000 points so it was all "my fault".

Your welcome BAD and glad I could share something that might help out a bit, take it easy.

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