Game sucks

that's all Im gonna say, BIG disappointment, I jus hope I can get $40 for it.

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Well, you've given us a lot of good info here.

I'm loving it.

Its just not worthy of a next generation console! the graphics are just as bad as assasins creed 3 I feel like im still playing on my 360, Its just horrible an I really,really wish I had looked into this more, you put it side by side with RYSE an you will see, Rubbish! I think the ONLY thing they changed was the scheme the colours are a tad more brilliant, BIG DEAL.

graphics make a game good?

the whole feel of the game makes it good an this one does not run smooth, just give RYSE a try an you will see how a next generation game should look an feel like, this one is a 360 game in a xbox one game console, IF I was a big fan of assasins creed from the get go I might have been stoked! But seriously I was hoping for a BIG Improvement, even far cry 3 on the xbox runs better than this one.

I'm playing on the 360 and wish I could have all the smoke to come out of my cannons.

Graphics aside, this game is good. I think I heard that RYSE is a 61/2 hour game. That is far to little game for my $60. I could spend over 6 1/2 hours just Island hopping without advancing the story line in AC4. Well worth my $60. I will admit though that what I have seen of RYSE it looks ok. Ok however just don't cut it in this case. Especially when it gets such mediocre reviews from critics and players alike. Black Flag just offers more bang for the buck.

Gameplay is good... Graphics look very grainy, with lot of artifacts, expected better graphics....

I brought this up on the Ubi forums and got some info on the matter if your interested.