Game Service :(

I recently recieved a game from the game uk site that i has already canceled and have been trying to contact them for about a week :(. Anyone know of a way i can get a refund its drivng me crazy never using game again.


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thanks for the help obsessive :) glad i came on here to get this sorted.

The customer services number is 0871 200 1221.  You can also to return it to your nearist store though, rather than via post.  It would be quicker.

The seal must not be broken and you have upto 28 since the dispatch to claim. You will need take a print out of the invoice with you and have your card you purchased it with, this so they can process the refund.

Couldnt find the number on the website, and i havent touched the seal the game is loose inside the case.

Did you not try to contact them by phone?  I'm also pretty sure you can return the game to your local GAME store, but they won't refund it if you have removed the plastic seal.  You'll need your order confirmation email too,

Yeah GAME have really got rubbish these days. Used to always order from them but I've cancelled all orders and re-ordered with ShopTo now.

thanks hopefully i can get it sorted game have really gone downhill.

they must also pay for the return post if it is their fault.

If you cancelled and you can tell GAME, when, where and how then its their fault.  Im sure they will give you a refund if this is the case.