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Now in this so called game room it says clearly on it that is suppose to have weekly new titles releases, your arcade will soon be retofitted to perfection.  It has not have a new release in over 7 months now.   I don't know about you all but I know how to count 7 months is not a week there's at lease 4 weeks in a month sometimes 5.  Now you can try to say its on the xbox arcade area all you want to but thats not what it says on the game room thing it says it clear as day what I had put earlier.  So that is just pure and simple false advertisement.  They need to either a change the detail of it so it wont be false advertisement any more or just update it weekly like it says they do.


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Just because it says they would get updated weekly doesnt mean they will. Theres tons of games that claim they would get dlc and havent.

its still false advertisement no matter what

The Game Room developer Krome Studios went out of business is why you're not getting updates.

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its still false advertisement no matter what



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