Game recommendations - arcade racer- 2plyr online???

I've been looking for the past week for an arcade style racer, easy to control like NSF Hot Pursuit that allows to play together with my kid split screen here locally, but also be able to play split screen with my kid here online with other relatives and friends. I can't find any racing game that actually offers 2 player splitscreen online...I can't believe the time I'm having finding a racer that supports it. It seems like such a no brainer.

Anyone know of any games?


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Hhmm,  yeah, Split Second and that about does it for racing games.  Good luck.

Not many games will have split screen for online play as it affects frame rate. You could check Split/Second that definitely has split screen, I'm not sure if it allows you to play split screen online tho.

Yeah, a big hulabuloo was made over Blur having 4 player split screen when it came out, but it doesn't carry over online

Really?  I never played it with my son, but I just checked and the back of the box says "4 player multiplayer splitscreen".  But again, I'm not positive because I never tried it.  On my way to work, so I don't have time to check it, but if I think of it when I get home, I'll pop it in and try and report back to you.

Thanks, I did look at Blur. It was one of the first ones I looked to cause it looked fun. But it doesn't offer 2 player split screen online.

It's amazing how few games do

I don't know of any arcade games of hand, but you could try Blur.  It's a very fun racing game with a Mario Kart bype vibe with power ups and all.  A quick search and I found you could get it used at Best Buy for $15 or new for $20 at  It's a really great game and that is about the price of good arcade games.  Hope that helps.

I did just find that PGR 4 offers it.