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 What the Fing Hell? So I am in a great rush game getting massive score everything is going great then i the next round the entire team is a bunch of Fing Europeons... I have my settings on EA to only play US games and the server seems to match me up with a bunch of ****es from the other side of the world. WTF, I do not have the fastest internet connection and I want to be connected to the LA servers or any west coast area since that is my zone, but no I get connected to the other side of the world, I keep marking these players from Europe and other areas outside the US to not play with and it keeps matching me with those places... WTF!


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Could be that they selected joining US games. I know that the euro servers have better connection for this game somehow, so I have mine set to UK.

i don't want to play with people from the other side of the world... cause I aways seem to get lag in those games.

EA servers suck.

 EU players generally are worse than US players. so they dump US players in EU servers to handicap us.

happens everyday.

I have my settings set to EU and I still get put in american servers at certain times of the day just because there are not many Europeans playing. Don't worry though, if you found the game and the servers are American, the Europeans are the ones that will be lagging on your server.

I have heard that prefer this player/avoid this player only applies to unranked matches (how fair would it be, for example if you could "avoid" everyone who was better than you so you had a better chance of winning in a ranked match?), and since BC2 doesn't have unranked matches you're wasting your time.

Europeans shouldn't be getting matched into the West Coast server farm though, it's far too far away. The East Coast servers work quite well for us, but the West is just lag.

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EA servers suck.

 EU players generally are worse than US players. so they dump US players in EU servers to handicap us.

happens everyday.



Quoted for lols.


I'd love to see your evidence to back this up, unless you're being less than serious, in which case, well played.


well i am not wasting my time because I never see them again, or i don't notice them, i only do it when i notice a lot of lag in the game before i quit.

Every game I've ever played has been mixed region. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

I'm starting to find this quite annoying. In the beginning it was great but as of recently, I have had Games that have Players from Japan, Players from Germany, Players from Australia, Players from the UK and Players from New Zealand all in one Game?! It's killing BC2 and might be the nail in the coffin so to speak.


Personally, I have no problem with one maybe even two other foreign countries in the same Game but the entire world?! I can always tell right away as soon as I get killed with no bullet noise what so ever and the guy that just ran past me took an Hot Carl to the face and lived.

I always notice this when I am in a game, and I got to shoot or knife when i have the drop on an enemy, but then i get killed and i notice the other player still has 100% health and my hits did nothing. Then I check that players name and find out they are on the other side of the world. This is what pisses me off, where I know I should have had the kill.

Yes the other one like you said you don't hear anything and next thing you know your staring at the respawn screen. I just can't play the game well with lag... some times i feel that if there is any cheating it's from a lag switch, but usually you'll see things jumping or stuttering movements from you or other players when I see that, I know it's time to exit and find another game round.

Beyond that with everything is working well, I can find my self in some great battles and having fun with a good Squad and team.