Game patch approval process needs a major overhaul

I think it is pretty silly how long the patch approval process takes.considering that we actually PAY for live,maybe you guys could hire a few more patch testers or maybe shorten the process a little? We pay for the service and the only thing we get in return is early,hilariously overpriced map packs for COD.I bought MK for 360 for one reason and one reason only.4 out of every 5 of my friends has a xbox.but whats the point if we have to wait a eternity for game patches? This has happened WAY to many times now,and it is getting really tiresome,and TBH,is completely unnecessary.


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You should read the forums on about the patch.  Lots of bugs.  You should be happy about the certification process by the looks of it.  

Not to mention smokes otg does not need to be taken out either so I'm happy this is taking a while.  In MS defense everything on xbl is setup better so those bugs that people are encountering on PSN may not effect us but who knows til we get it.

true,but what if those bugs were not there? there were no bugs with the FN rd 4 patch yet 360 users had to wait 6 weeks after psn users got it. and about those bugs its 50\50 some ppl say its gotten worse,while others say the lag was improved 100%.that is normal with most patches.If it isnt Halo or COD it isnt priority to M$

agreed smoke's OTG shouldnt be taken out.but the fact is that it WILL be taken out.playing MK on 360 now is playing a older,now obsolete version of the game

I'm not for sure, but it is very possible that the XBL FN rd 4 patch could have been riddled with bugs since the updates for each system are totally different code wise.  Just a thought.  I hate to defend something as annoying as waiting for updates to pass certification, but it is ultimately the developers fault imo.  

What's the patch supposed to fix? And I agree, it takes way too long for patches to get certified.

you'll have to wait a full list will probably be released when it comes to 360 currently there is no actual list yet just random things people keep on finding.  A lot of enhanced moves now have armor on them though A LOT.

Sigh...I bet you would be the same kind of person that moans when they rush a broken patch. I dont complain about buggy patches...sigh....but patches take too long on 360...sigh...i bet you sigh alot dont you?...sigh

Considering how buggy the PS3 patch has been I'm ok with it.  People always gripe about the XBL patch process but quickly forget the numerous patches that went to the PS3 first and turned out as disasters while XBL made sure they worked.