Game of Thrones not doing so well in the review department...

So far there has been only three reviews posted on Metacritic, a 60, 40, and 40. I haven't really kept up with this game, but I love the show, so I still might pick this up, but the reviews are very disappointing.


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It's not very surprising.

I honestly wasn't expecting much. Thanks for the link though.


I watched a trailer awhile back and was not impressed. I wasn't expecting much either.

The golden rule.

That's disappointing... Despite the popular franchise, it was actually looking like it was going to be a good RPG as far as video games go.

Meh Metacritic ratings dont interest me at all.

If i went by half the game reviews i have read over the yrs.I would of never played alot of good games.Everyone is diffrent,just because the one person says its not a good game doesnt mean your gonna hate it as well.I never ever go by game reviews.

I really really like the show, so the game kind of interested me.  I watched a "Let's play" on YT yesterday, basically the first 30 minutes of the game, just to get a look-see.  The story seems like it would be the best part, naturally.  Combat looks ok.... the graphics are ok..... the voice acting is terrible.  It definitely looked like a 6/10 game.  I'd say if you're a fan of the books/show... you'd find some entertainment out of it... but any casual person just looking for a game should avoid it.

"I'm not sure why people expected this to be anything other then mediocre trash milking money from loyal fans." That was pretty harsh lol.

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