Game not loading/CoD BO

I've been having some trouble with my black ops game, i was playing through the campaign and I finished all but the last mission, then i saved & quit the game. The next time I tried to play the game on the last  mission I selected "resume game"  then it loads a scene and when i choose "skip" it just says:


client script runtime error

(see console for details)

Lost connection to host. Please try again.

And then i just exit back to the menu :|

I've tried choosing "mission select" but only the first 4 missions appear on screen.

I hope someone can help me with this issue. Thx.

Also I just found out that some gamer pictures i supposedly unlocked are not showing on my change gamer picture menu, I was supposed to get them when I finished the call of dead easter egg, I wonder if they don't show because i was playing on a friends console when i got the achievement for that, and if this is the problem, is there a way to get the gamer pictures?

Thx again.


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