Game Menus and Loading

Why does it take 30+ seconds to load someone's gamer card?  When you are in the menus and select a friend or recent player to view their gamer card it takes FOREVER.  Also - if the games have to be installed WHY do the maps take sooooo long to load.  PLUS it takes an extra 15 seconds for the game to start.  Not to mention loading outside of the game.  Everything just seems way to slow for what MS hyped on this console to be faster.


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Have wondered the same myself..

Its not the maps loading, it is "setting up" everyones connection to the dedis, I would think. I do get the "busy" icon when trying to see stuff in a lobby though as you mentioned. Usually Ill go to the next screen, then back and its there.

Today is worse than normal.  Can't get any apps to open at all.  I want to throw this thing out the window but I paid way too much for this piece of ***.

Traffic heavy today is it xbox one blockheads