Game Manual Download?

Hi, I bought the standard edition at launch and Am very disappointed by the lack of manual.

Ive played the previous games before so i know the basics. I pity the first timers trying to get to grips with the reloads etc without a manual or tutorial.

But anyway is there anywhere where i can download a gears of war instruction manual please? I had to ask someone about marking which does seem to be very useful (left trigger then left stick click) but I heard that you can give in game money and weapons to other players - can you do this?



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It is quite lame that Epic did not include a manual, beyond the single-sheet insert.  But the insert did have a link to the game manual.

Be advised that this is not very good (as of now, 07-Oct-2011 at 8 AM EDT) in my personal opinion.  First off, my first couple of attempt to access resulted in errors (page not found). But once I got in, it seemed to be there.  My next gripe is that it is not available in downloadable form such as a PDF (maybe the download is there, but I could not find it). I don't know about other players, but I do not have my computer on and next to me while playing on my XBOX -- I need something I can easily print out.

PS: Sorry about not hyperlink the URL, but the forum editor would not let me insert the link "as is" -- link not valid (probably due to link forwarding on the target web site).

Not sure on the manual...But yes, you can share ammo in the campaign and MP, and give money to your teamates in games like horde. I think you have to be close to them and zoom in, then it should give you a little pop up to share by holding Y, I believe

i surprised EPIC didn't charge to download a manual.

Yes you can. Just like hooray84 described

yea, very lame. Devs are getting lazy with manuals. They should put the manual in game like Assassins Creed Brotherhood instead of taking the lazy way of via internet.

Online gaming manuals are the way of the future. I personally also think it's a bad idea, but more and more publishers are resorting to it as games are being released.

Here is link to the pdf manual