Game keeps restarting

So after getting the game I had to wait a day until I could get the hard drive to install the first disc.

I played it a good while yesterday and today it keeps restarting saying that there is a problem with the storage thing it is on. I tried reinstalling it and reinstalling the title update but nothing worked. There is a ring on my disc. Is that the problem and do I have to spend another $60 on it?

I got a 20 GB HDD but it only had 13.8 GB. I still have 6+ GB left on it and a flash drive with 5+ GB on it. I don't know what the problem is but it is pissing me off.


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Well I tried everything I could find. Nothing worked so rockstar better be fixing this or giving out free copies because they're ripping people out of $60.

Ever since that update i've also had problems,freezes ingame with missions requiring hard restarts,xbox shutting down at random,and yes also that exact same problem you describe along with the storage message,which makes no sense as i have plenty of free space.My disk drive is in perfect working order and the disc is completely free of any marks.Glad to see i'm not only one getting that restart and message,sucks for you though.


Some posters on r* support recommend deleting and reinstalling your disc and title updates.They say the problem could be with disc 2 being installed,or a corrupted dl of an update.I did this and it didn't work for me,also i never had disc 2 installed only disc 1 so i don't think the problem is with that,but give it a try,might work for you.