Game keeps crashing

FM4 has crashed a couple of times for me now. I will be in the middle of a race or in the auction house and suddenly it crashes to the dashboard. I also noticed that at the dashboard, it does not recognize the disc, but if I hit A, it does start it. Another strange thing is with the FM4 disc in, on the dashboard, it does not list any of my games in the game library, but if I insert a different game, all is fine. It also said that I have 60000 credits for importing my FM3 profile but I could not see them in the game.

Couple of things to note here. I downloaded the bonus track and cars in the dashboard before I even played the game. I also imported my FM3 profile. It is possible that I have received a defective disc.


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ive not got the game yet but cant really help much but have you tried installing it to your hard drive. just a suggestion.

Same thing is happening to me. I can't play for more than 15 or 20 minutes before it freezes up on me.

I installed the game to disc and haven't had crashes for the past hour but I am yet to see my 60000 credits for completing FM3.

Did you hit the L Trigger to bring up your messages? If not do that and your cress are there, you have to dwnld them just like when you recieve a gift or cress form selling stuff on the storefront.

I meant credits not cress. Lol... On the game freezing though, I have been playing it for about 4 hours without a problem. Delete it off your harddrive and reinstall.