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everytime i back out of a lobby, and i try and join a different lobby it sends me back to the same lobby over and over. i don't play on this account. but it just makes me angry because it sends me to the same lobby:( is there any way to stop or change it? or could xbox live change it???


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my account i play on is tr33 fiddy I'm a good [player id like to think. i moved my kd from a .87 to a 1.19 in 2 days.

not bad but the game is broken and will probably never get fixed.

OP when you leave the lobby just wait for about a min before you hit the find game again .

I play a few different game modes,  I just switch from CTF to TD or SD for a game or two then go back that ensures a new lobby 99% of the time =)

Here's an idea, stop backing out. When you do that you take a loss. Now if you get back into the same match and do that several times over now you have just taken instead of just one loss, several losses for each time you came in and backed out. Like the others have said wait a minute or two before hitting FIND MATCH.


On a side note if you are backing out of a match because you are losing and are trying to protect your precious stats then you should keep this in mind, you are playing a game that dictates one team wins and one team loses. (Unless you are playing FFA). You can't expect to win them all and losing teaches humility.

hey if you search a different game mode for a second then back out it will reset your server. then just search for whatever you want to play. you should be good.

He might be backing out of the lobby in between games. I do this all the time when I am tired of hearing the people in my lobby. Therefore just because you back out, you don't have to take a loss.

As the other posters have said, just either wait a minute, or go to a different game mode.