Game isnt good anymore

Has anyone else realized this. I mean im not here to just complain i actually stopped playing and so have a lot of other people. People do realize this is the same cod as before right i mean the maps are placed out to be duplicates of maps we've had before like dome, and what new things have they really put in here. New guns???? is that really what buys us these days oh a new gun so i gotta pay 60$ for it plus the season pass 50$ so 110$ for what something you already had and already paid 110 for no. No longer I say. Why doesn't Microsoft put their money behind a really truly new producer or new story line. Ghosts story line even plays out like Black ops 2 and modern warfare put together of how the enemy plays out and the story line goes. the betrayls are easy to see coming the enemies computer is none existent what they hide and throw grenades. No strategy, no talent. Please please please take this seriously and realize you loose more and more gamers everyday by putting money behind people like activition that keep our gaming stagnant and not progressing and sadly you have lost both my trust and money because over the last 10 years you guys have been producing games and consoles and with no real progression and no interest any more after lets say modern warfare its been a down ward spiral.  Hopefully you'll change some things in the future and get my trust and money back. 

thank you 



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Structurally, what more could COD be than COD? It has defined it's own genre... fast paced military shooter, medium sized maps... infantry based, man on man, gun on gun gameplay... it's like a golf game... there are only so many ways to have players play the game... golf courses? Check... golf clubs? Check... what else could there be? The same with COD style games... unless you redefine what COD is, all they can do is refine the experience with better graphics and smoother gameplay... if you don't like COD, try Titanfall or Battlefield... both of those are very different takes on the military fps... I have tried both and neither give me the same visceral enjoyment that COD always has... COD is what it is, like it or not...

I gave up Ghosts completely. I will only play if a friend texts me to jump on. No game is as good as Counterstrike, I've been using that as a fall back game for years. This Call of Duty lacks something. My interest lol.

When was it ever good? Oh snap.

Some people are bored of it and that's fine. New DLC makes it worth playing again. That's coming out in a few weeks.

COD is NOT a Microsoft product. Why do so many complain about MS doing this and that and making the game worse. Complain to Activision and IW because they are the ones that make the game.


I don't really think it was ever that great. Not terrible but I can't sit down and play for hours the way I used to with the CoDs of old. But I like the occasional few rounds. I like it in short bursts.

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Say it again OP. I have not played for a month. Been bored with it!

I still play although I've never played it for hours on end, nor have I done that with any game after the first week or so, anyways I'm sure I'll stop playing this after Titanfall releases unless there are the usual EA, "not enough servers"/too much lag issues of all the EA-Battlefield games upon release.

@ COD 2 HALO ... There is plenty of replay-ability in Ghosts. Sure, it's got tons of issues, but the game is far from boring. There's prestige (MP & Extinction) and a whole lot of customization (characters, weapons, and attachments).

I have had very few problems with this game.  Hit detection is good, kill streaks are stale.  Go play TF if you would like a clusterfunk.

It was never good and it's not even similar to past COD games in my opinion.

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